Links to relevant butterfly websites

To determine Butterflies and Moths (North America)

  Butterflies of North America Useful to determine US butterflies
  Moths of North America Useful to determine US moths
  Moth images on the web Useful to determine US moths too !
  ARIZONA : Butterflies of Sedona Lot's of photos of western US butterflies and moths
  Giant silkmoths by Bill Oehlke Very interesting site about giant silkmoths of North America
  Société d'entomologie du Québec (french/english/spanish) Site of the Quebec Entomological Society
  Raising moths  
  Insectarium de Montreal  
  Neartica Classification of insects of North America
  The Taxonomic Report  

To determine Butterflies and Moths (by country)

  BENELUX Butterflies Butterflies of The Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg
  BENELUX Lepidoptera Butterflies from Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg
  BRAZIL In english and portuguese
  EUROPE Excellent pictures of european butterflies, by Mario Maier
  EUROPE (Another one) A reference for European butterflies. Excellent pictures too.
  FINLAND (Butterflies)  
  FINLAND (Another one)  
  HONG KONG Lepidoptera  
  JAPAN (Jamides homepage) Mainly on Lycaenidae and list of Japanese butterflies
  SWITZERLAND (in german)
  UK moths  

To determine Butterflies and Moths (by Genera)

  PARNASSIUS of the world. WEB reference for Parnassius species
  PAPILIONIDAE of the world  
  SATURNIIDAE of the Western Palearctic  
  SPHINGIDAE of the Western Palearctic  
  AGRIAS collection WEB reference for Agrias species
  AGRIAS of the world Another WEBsite for Agrias
  Butterflies of the world Lot's of pictures. French site.
  BIRDWINGS of the world  
  COLIAS of the world  

NewsGroups on Butterflies or Moths

  LEPS-L, The Lepidoptera Listserver Newsgroup (information on how to subscribe)
  UK Leps Dedicated to Moths and Butterflies of the British Isle
  Entomology Discussion Group  

For further information on Butterflies

  The Butterfly WebSite.  
  Chin's Nature Corner Malaysian Moths  
  S.C. Entomologie French entomological site
  Insects on WWW Lot's of internet links in the world of insects !
  Entomology Index of Internet Resources Search form by Iowa State University
  Living insect ads You can post for living insects
  Butterfly and Moth Resources  
  Butterflies and Moths What's the difference between a butterfly and a moth ?
  Union de l'Entomologie Française  
  Museo Mariposas del Mundo Butterfly museum in Argentina
  Site de Machaon (French only) Site sur les papillons d'Europe
  Guide to keeping insects  

Personal pages

ALASKA Butterflies
  Tom's WebSite. List of specimens for exchange and much more
  The small world of invertebrates Insect breeding, expedition in Africa (English/French)
  David Homepage Butterflies and moths, Ontario
  Entoweb (german only) Personal site of a German entomologist
Ballade en Guyane Française


  The butterflies of North America by James A. Scott A reference CD-ROM for US butterflies
  • "Bombicoidea lepidoptera and Notodontidae of Far East". 1999
  • " Saturniidae, Oxytenidae and Sphingidae of Central Peru. Part 1. Province Junin. " 1999
  • " The moths of Northern Laos. Sphingidae ". 2000.
By Vladimir Izersky, specialized in systematic and ecology Bombicoidea and Sphingoidea Lepidoptera and Notodontidae of East Palearctic and of Peru.
  Hillside books Specialized in books on Entomology


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